We have 3 categories of fabric to choose from for your products : Pre-orders, Customs, and Non-Customs 

PRE-ORDERS : These are all custom fabrics (designed and then printed over seas) will take about 10-14weeks for the fabric to arrive. Once we have the fabric, your order will be started. Production will take about 2weeks. Payment plans are available : Sezzle, Lay-Buy, or message me and I can Paypal invoice with partial payments - your order must be paid off in order to complete it.

CUSTOMS : These are our custom fabric options that were left over from making our preorders or purchased without running a preorder. 

NON-CUSTOMS : These are non custom fabrics so they cost much less for us to purchase. Since the products made with them will cost less, there is a discount code to use when purchasing a product with these. The code to use is NONCUSTOM and that will take off 40% on your order.

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