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 This listing is to preview the fabrics we have in stock more closely. This is not a product, and we do not sell fabric, only clothing and accessories made with these fabrics.

 To order any clothing or products with these, you will shop from our products and select the fabric that you would like on that product. 

In stock orders will be shipped within 8 weeks of your purchase. 

Our in stock fabrics are very limited and we may not have enough fabric for your order or some fabrics will not work for some products. If you would like to check before ordering, you can use the chat feature, email, or send me a message on Facebook. Otherwise, I will contact you if there is an issue. 

On each product listing, you will see a drop down that says "Category" from there you will choose one of the following : preorder, custom, non-custom, SYOF, or Unlisted. Select the appropriate category based on what fabric you'd like on that product. Then you will write the fabric name in the text box provided. Also place your fabric choice in the cart. 

 Here is a description of these categories :

Preorder - Preorders are open for a limited time - usually about 1 week. In that week, we collect clothing orders for those fabrics. Once we close the preorder, we order the fabric needed to fulfill those orders. Preorders are discounted and the discount is applied automatically.

Custom fabric - This is the custom fabric we have in stock to use on our products. 

Non Custom fabric - This is the non custom fabric we have in stock to use on our products. Since these fabrics cost less, our products are discounted with this option and the discount is applied automatically.

SYOF - send your own fabric. Send us your fabric and we will sew up what you would like. Please message us first to discuss! SYOF is discounted and the discount is applied automatically.

Unlisted - if there's something that we have discussed that isn't on our list, choose this option.

Fabric descriptions and fiber content :

  • Cotton lycra (95% cotton 5%lycra) this fabric can be used on almost all of our products.
  • Bamboo lycra (95% bamboo 5%lycra) this is soft, light and flowy, great on skirts, dresses, tops, and more.
  • Double brushed poly (96% poly 4%lycra) light and flowy like bamboo lycra, this is a bit thicker. Great on skirts, dresses, tops, and more.
  • Fluff (85% poly 15% spandex) double sided stretch minky. It's very soft and squishy. Fuzzy on both sides. Can be used on joggers, shorts, blankets, scarves, and hoodies.
  • Minky (100% poly) this is soft and fuzzy on one side, smooth on the other. Can be used on scarves and blankets.
  • Cotton woven (100% cotton) very light weight and structured looking. There is little to no stretch with this. Best used with the Penelope dress, skirts, and masks.
  • French terry (95% cotton 5% lycra) a little thicker than cotton lycra jersey knit. It is  soft looped  on the back side and smooth on the print side. Great for joggers, shorts, hoodies, and more.
  • Athletic Knit  (85% poly 15% Lycra) this is thicker than cotton lycra and is a wicking fabric so it doesn't get saturated in sweat. Great for sports bras and leggings.