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NC - Snowflakes

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NC - Snowflakes
This is  one of our non-custom fabrics to choose from for your products! You will choose what products you would like and place the fabric in your cart as well. If ordering multiple things, please write a note so I know what fabrics to use on each! Since these are non-customs, the price is cheaper! You will use code NONCUSTOM at checkout. This cannot be used with any other discounts. Please do not combine customs or preorders with that discount code, your order will be canceled and refunded.
Some of these fabrics are cotton/lycra, sweater knits, hacci, french terry, double brushed poly, etc. Some fabrics may not work well with some products due to stretch, weight, and other factors. If you choose a fabric for a product that will not work well, I will contact you for a resolution! And I am always available to help you with what will work.

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